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Transmission Shop & Service
(918) 456-9558
601 E Downing Street
Tahlequah, OK
Bigby Companies
(918) 456-0680
502 E Downing St
Tahlequah, OK
Car Mart America
(918) 458-5263
2900 S Muskogee Ave
Tahlequah, OK
Kirk's Truck Sales
(918) 453-0055
2189 W Choctaw St
Tahlequah, OK
Rock-N-A Wrecker
(918) 431-1042
13006 Highway 82
Tahlequah, OK
Kelley''s Repair Llc
(918) 456-6514
1111 E Allen Rd
Tahlequah, OK
Industrial Vehicle Repair

Tahlequah Import Service
(918) 456-5201
1013 S College Ave
Tahlequah, OK
(918) 456-9440
1628 S Muskogee Ave
Tahlequah, OK
Auto Parts

David Claussen
(918) 456-4671
14857 W Mud Valley Rd
Tahlequah, OK
Drive It Home Autos
(918) 431-0800
26027 Highway 62
Tahlequah, OK

Assembly Lube

Includes High-Moly Content and Is Easy-To-Use With Convenience of Brush-Top Can

Bel-Ray Assembly Lube is designed to protect metal surfaces during engine assembly. It provides long-lasting protection against metal-to-metal contact that can lead to galling and seizing when subjected to high loads such as initial engine break-in. The exceptional anti-wear and lubricating properties make Assembly Lube a must-have for today’s engine builder, as it minimizes wear during initial break-in of freshly assembled engines.
Developed by Bel-Ray’s state-of-the art laboratory and team of engineers, this high performance assembly lubricant is made of high molybdenum disulfide content and is easy to use with the convenient brush top can.
The special formula is unaffected by most acids and alkalis and leaves a coating impervious to moisture for long lasting protection.  Assembly Lube can be used in the lubrication of fasteners, splines, couplings, press-fit components and many other highly loaded mechanical assemblies. Using Assembly Lube on threads allows for accurate torque and helps prevent stripping of threads during assembly.
Product no. 99030
Retail price $18.17 for 10oz Brush Top Can  

For information, visit or call 732-378-4080.


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