Cutters and Abrasives Aztec NM

Looking for Cutters and Abrasives in Aztec? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Aztec that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Cutters and Abrasives in Aztec.

Robins Trailer Parts and Sales
(505) 334-8276
300 NE Aztec Boulevard
Aztec, NM
Mobile Auto Repair,Trailer Repair,Truck Parts,Trailer Dealers

Crossroads Equipment Repair
(505) 793-0625
98 Road 2581
Aztec, NM
Truck Parts

Napa Auto Parts
(505) 334-9411
206 N Main Ave
Aztec, NM
Auto Parts, Car Washes, Car Detailing

SNS Heavy Equipment
(505) 360-7555
38A County Road 3008
Aztec, NM
Truck Parts

Jamrs Custom Chrome
(505) 632-8433
2509 E Blanco Blvd
Bloomfield, NM
Auto Body

San Juan Ct Public Works 305 S Oliver Dr
(505) 334-4535
San Juan Ct Public Works 305 S Oliver Dr
Aztec, NM
Hutchs Transmission
(505) 334-2753
722 Northeast Aztec Boulevard
Aztec, NM
Dusenberys Auto Parts
(505) 334-9407
112 W Chaco Street
Aztec, NM
Trailer Repair,Truck Parts

Reese Auto Reconditioning LLC
(505) 632-5377
587 County Road 4990
Bloomfield, NM
Car Detailing,Interior Cleaning,Interior Repair

All Transmission Service Center
(505) 632-3494
227 S Newby Ln
Bloomfield, NM
Automotive Transmission

Advanced Machine Tooling – Cutters and Abrasives

High speed milling machines, boring machines and sophisticated CNC machining centers are found in many machine shops today. Faster cutting speeds and automated controls have boosted productivity as well as precision. But to get the most out of these machines, the proper tooling inserts must be used.

Larry Carley

The key to boosting productivity is to remove more metal in less time. However, faster cutting speeds and feeds require tooling inserts that can take the heat and abuse without dulling. To achieve these goals, tooling suppliers have come up with various cutter shapes, edge geometries and surface coatings that significantly improve tool performance and life.
One way to achieve better tool performance is to use an insert that cuts easier so less horsepower is required to turn it, even at high speeds and feed rates. An insert that cuts cleanly and easily will produce a smoother finish and experience less vibration and chatter.

The angle at which an insert is held with respect to the work surface affects how efficiently it cuts. Positive rake tooling holds the insert at a slight angle so the edge of the insert cuts into the surface of the metal, sort of like a plow digging into soil. Positive rake tooling generally requires less cutting force and pressure, runs cooler and provides longer insert life.

But it can also increase edge chipping on inserts, so it typically works best with shallow cuts and lower speeds and feeds. Also, a positive rake only allows the upper edge of the insert to be used, preventing the insert from being flipped over when the edge becomes dull. Thus, a four-sided positive rake insert would have only four cutting edges (each side of the square on the top side).

Negative rake tooling, by comparison, holds the tool perpendicular or at a slight negative angle to the work piece so the edge of the insert drags across the surface with more of a scraping action as it cuts. This requires more pressure and horsepower to machine the metal, and it produces more heat. But a negative rake also provides more support for the insert and allows deeper cuts and high stock removal rates at higher speeds.

A negative rake also doubles the number of available cutting edges that can be used on a single insert, thus doubling tool life. A square insert can provide eight cutting edges, and a triangular insert can provide six edges. When all of the edges on one side of the insert become dull, it can be flipped over so the edges on the opposite side can be put to work. Negative rake tooling works well for machining hard, brittle metals.

Abrasive Choices
The development of carbide materials with extremely fine grain size has improved the durability and performance of carbide cutting tools. Carbide valve guide reamers and carbide valve seat cutters are indispensable tools in most shops today. Carbide inserts are also great for high speed milling and boring operations. Newer style boring machines with spindle...

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